About Me

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here.

To borrow a quote from Austin Powers,

“Allow myself to introduce…myself.”


My name is Amber. I’m 35.

I’m a believer. My life is messy and awkward and hilarious, and Jesus is the lens through which I see it all.

I’m a wife. Husband and I have been married for 14 years now. Over time our love has been seasoned with hardship, grown down roots, multiplied in the form of little humans, and become more than just a feeling. He is my person. Also, we each think the other is funny. This helps.

I’m a mom to two tiny tenders, daily riding that rollercoaster of pride and dismay, joy and triumph, heartache and fear, wonder and bafflement.

I’m a writer. Just a few years ago, that felt presumptuous and scary to say, but now I know it’s a small but important part of how God wired me to process and contribute to the world around me. I am a blogger who dreams of writing books too.

I’m a comedy lover, movie buff and an avid reader, which makes it sound like I have a lot more spare time than I actually do. I believe in the power of a well timed movie quote and would gladly replace %67 of all my words with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler GIFs. Which is saying something, considering I’m a writer.

My husband and I recently began flipping houses in our “spare time”. We’ve had 10 different addresses in 14 years and each one taught us a new carpentry skill and a better eye for interior design. We’ve built, remodeled, rented, owned, and after finally building our “Forever Home” (if there is such a thing) in the Oregon countryside, we realized we actually enjoy the process of renovating as much as the finished product. So we are dipping our toes in the house flipping pool and loving it.

I’m currently in a season of waking up to my creative self, finding the courage pursue my dreams, and realizing that the path towards those dreams is much shorter and more direct when I lean in to who I already am, rather than struggle to become something else.

I hope to use this space to invite you to do the same. 


I believe in hospitality, and that it’s not just about inviting people into my home, but into my life. It’s about making room.

I believe that you are creative, whether you realize it or not.

I believe that you are far more capable than you suspect.

I believe that God cares about the dreams tucked away in your heart even more than you do. I believe that He put them there, on purpose, and for such a time as this.


About the Blog

This space is an invitation for you to be real, to begin to dream, and to always find the humor along the way.


This blog is for the woman who longs to explore her creative self in the middle of motherhood and the minutia of the day.

For the woman who believes she is gifted and called but wonders what that’s supposed to look like in the middle of her right now life.

For the woman who needs to be reminded that those pieces of herself that seem to have gone quiet, or that feel insignificant, are actually important clues to the unique art she has to offer the world.

I write to make her laugh, to encourage her that she’s not alone and that she’s certainly not forgotten, and to remind her that God actually cares about the dreams tucked away in her heart because he put them there- on purpose, and for such a time as this.


About my people

Husband is funny and kind and good. He is the perfect mix of businessman-meets-rugged-outdoorsman. I can’t lie, I like ’em rugged. He wears a suit and tie to work but his heart is out in nature. He remembers and quotes movie lines almost as much as I do. (He gets me, I guess is the larger point there.) He has the exact amount of leg and arm hair that a man should have. I don’t know why, but this matters somehow.

He takes care of our hearts.



Bella is 10 and Jaxon is 7 and they are both full of the dickens most days. She is very into horses. He is mostly into wearing nothing but his underwear. He still drags his favorite blankie around the house and asks to snuggle. She still cups my face and tells me she loves me “THIS much” when I tuck her in. I feel the nuances of their littleness slipping away each day and it makes my heart expand and contract at the same time.



They drive me to the edge of my sanity like no one else can. They expose me for who I really am. They terrify me. They take me from pride to dismay and back again 100 times in a day.

They are my heart.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sharon Rydell

    thanks for the invite. We have many things in common and I enjoyed your perspective not sure about the man hair thing though- haha. Crazy what children to in our life and how fast the years go. Enjoy the moments.

  2. Kim

    At first I didn’t know how I landed on this article…then after reading it, I realized it was a God thing. Perfect. As usual. Thanks for writing this because it helped in the most wonderful way. Praise God for His always knowing what we need and who to put in our path. 🙂 God bless you!

  3. Greaty

    Your soul is as beautiful as your bod; something I intuitively knew since you were six. My eyes are brimming, seriously, reading your words and feeling the Spirit in them.

    Honor your gifts of values and expression as unique and precious and tell that ego thing to get behind you when it presents you with false “standards” that interfere with letting it all hang out.

    You are and always have been dear to my heart.

  4. Chris K

    I just joined the Clumsy Bloggers group and found your post on being a happy blogger vs a successful one on Micah J. Murray’s site. It’s pretty much “my thoughts exactly” type material and in a sense gives me permission to write that way myself. Thank you for sharing!

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