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They say the first day back is always the hardest.

I tend to agree.

Except times seven.

It’s become abundantly clear over the years that the first week back is the hardest. I am referring to vacation. Before you roll your eyes at how bratty I sound- don’t. I get it. Any type of vacation or staycation or getaway or even a trip to the grocery store without littles is a beautiful thing and should always be fully appreciated. Like I always say, “It’s good to go away. It’s good to come home.” …and sometimes that’s true.

Other times it’s less “good” and more “necessary.”

Husband and I were able to sneak away together for an extended weekend for my birthday. We had 4 nights away- that’s 4 whole sleeps! Which is technically 5 days, which is almost a week. I like to round up with good things and round down with my spending. Read More…

The other Amber and I recently embarked a road trip. Just us, five kids, and the open road.


Some people might think that sounds crazy and that we’ve clearly suffered a lapse in judgement.

I just like to think we are fun and brave.

The truth of the matter is that other than my husband, she is the only person I could be trapped in a car with for 16 hours (more on that later) and a whole gaggle of children and not want to club myself over the head.

In fact, we might even have a little fun.  Read More…