Courage To Keep It Real

Today I’m excited to share my space with one of my new blogging freinds, Ludavia. She writes over at Nifty Betty and she is all about embracing the beautiful mess of motherhood. I knew I’d found a kindred spirit when she wrote a whole piece about shaving her legs…or rather, not shaving.

Let’s just say she had me at “Let’s get real.” She is funny and sweet and I know you’ll love her just as much as I do.

~Here is her story.~

Yesterday I was rushing to get some milk at the grocery store before nap time hit. I threw on some clothes, packed up the kids, and ran out the door.

I made it to the store (safe and sound- if you were wondering), unpacked the kids, looked down, and noticed that I’m wearing capri pants have the hairiest legs! I mean, Chewbacca-hairy! I thought I shaved my legs. Did I?


In the shower, it was like I was racing the second-hand of a clock. Washed the hair? Check. Soaped up? Check. Rinsed off? Check. Wait. Did I wash my hair? Oh geez! How long have I been in here? 5 minutes? 10?

I give up! I’ve been in here too long. I need to get out before the little one cries and wakes up the toddler!

~End flashback~

Nope. Didn’t shave the legs.

What do I do? It’s not like I can go all the way back to the house and change my pants. If I do that and drive back to the store, the little one will be crying to be fed right in the middle of grocery shopping. Oh, the dilemma!

I guess the only option is to suck it up, be brave and go in there with my head held high. “Yes, I’m a mom. And Yes! I have hairy Chewbacca legs!”

The funny thing is, no one noticed. Who has time to glance at 5 inches of leg that is peaking out and get grossed out by the hair? Nobody. Because we are all hustling and bustling, not living life slow.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe if we were all stopping and smelling the roses, someone may glance down and say, “My what hairy legs you have!”. Or if this were high school, my hairy legs would be noticed right away and the high school kids would make me the laughing-stock of the day.

But there’s no smelling of the roses or time traveling going on here, friends. Just the hustle and bustle of life. I was so wrapped up in the fear of someone noticing my legs that for 5 minutes I thought the world was revolving around me. Who am I, right?

I was so wrapped up in an insecurity, that really it was just a battle within. A battle of me fighting with my pre-mom self that had the luxury of shaving her legs.

But let’s get real.

I’m a mom adjusting to having two children. I’m a mom that can’t remember the last time I showered, let alone shaved my legs. I’m a mom that gets pooped on, spat on, has food in my hair, and can only wear about two things in my closet.

So if I smell, then I smell. If I have dirty clothes with holes, then so be it. If I have hairy legs- Hey! Winter is almost here. Maybe I’m cold. Or you’ll think they’re furry pants.

I can’t battle with my pre-mom self. I can’t go back. I don’t want to go back. I just need to adjust. I will get a rhythm. One day I will get to shave my legs everyday.

I can’t get caught up thinking people are going to notice. Sometimes they will. But I have to wear my mom badge with joy. If I look a hot mess and someone notices, I’ll just have to smile and nod and embrace the beautiful mess that I am. I need to be brave and own it.

I’m a mom. I wear my badge with honor. 

Sometimes that means I smell and have hairy legs. That’s okay because what you’re really going to notice isn’t my hairy legs or the whiff of baby poop. You’re going to notice the big goofy grins on my happy little ones’ faces.

That’s what’s most important. My kids are happy, which makes me happy.

But seriously, can someone come over for at least a half an hour so I can take a full shower and shave my legs?

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2 thoughts on “Courage To Keep It Real

  1. Toni

    So true , being a mom at times there is no mom time . But as us Mothers know our time with are kids , Big or small are the most precious times in our life’s. Take it from a old gal . You will soon have alone time ladies and then you will wish you had more mommie time. Thanks for sharing your funny times and thoughts ladies.

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