Let’s Play Oprah! (January Edition)

Well folks, can you believe we’re already halfway through January?

^ Apparently I like to start off my blog posts by highlighting the obvious. It really helps me get those creative juices flowing, you know?

Anyway, January.

I love it and I hate it.

January is the best because it is the freshest of all the fresh starts. Lord knows I love a clean slate. Regardless of whether it’s a new workout program, a writing project, or that whole ‘meal planning’ thing I keep hearing so much about (what sorcery is this?), I’m the queen of “I’ll start on Monday”, or “Next month”, or “Tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.”

So the allure of a whole new year, stretched out before me, full of promise and good intention is more than enough to make my organizational little heart go pitter patter.

On the other hand, January is also kind of the worst. The weather is dreary, the days are short, the magic of the holidays has faded, and our bank accounts are still recalibrating from Christmas. Summer is a distant mirage, Spring hasn’t sprung yet, and we find ourselves in that weird, cold, grayish area of the year where we feel like we have a lot to do but not a lot of motivation to do it.

Or is that just me?

Don’t answer that.

Anyway, I can’t think of any better cure for the January Blues than a rousing game of Let’s Play Oprah.

If you’re new around here, this is a series we do once a month, where I share with you guys 3 of my most “Favorite Things” at the moment, and then at the end of the month I give away one of those things! To you guys! Because why not?

This series is purely for fun, and my absolute favorite part of the whole thing has been getting to know you all on a much more personal level. (Besides sending prizes in the mail. I really love that part too.)

The amount of interaction from you guys on these posts has been a completely unexpected delight. It turns out that you love to dish about your favorite things and chase the fun just as much as I do. So please keep joining in and telling me all of YOUR favorite things either by commenting on this post, emailing me back, or by sharing/commenting on social media using the hashtag #letsplayoprah.

Okay, are you guys ready? Because it’s time.

Let’s Play Oprah!


Here are my Top 3 Favorite Things this month:

CC Beanies


I may not have mentioned this here before, but there’s something you should know about me: I have a pinhead. I also have very thin hair which is an unfortunate combination that makes it virtually impossible to find hats that fit. I either have to wear children’s sized baseball caps, which almost always have a Mickey Mouse or Thomas the Train theme, or I wear adult sized hats which are too deep for my pinhead, and am forced to either tuck my ears into them (which would work if I had enough hair to cover it up, or let the hat push my ears down which both hurts and looks ridiculous.

It’s a real problem I’m having.

But then all the angels in heaven smiled down on me and beanies became popular again. Obviously this only works in cold weather, but whatever man. Praise Jesus Hallelujah, I can go to the grocery store or to volunteer in my kid’s classrooms with day 2 hair and no one has to know. I’ve tried a lot of different beanies and this brand is by far my favorite.


It’s comfortable, slouches perfectly, and well, I can’t think of a third benefit but what else do you really need from a beanie anyway?

I especially like these ones  with the pom on the end.


Off Camera with Sam Jones


I recently discovered this show while flipping though the channels, and I was instantly hooked. Sam Jones is an LA based photographer and director who’s portfolio is as impressive as his beard.

On his show, Off Camera, he sits with actors, directors, and all sorts of creatives in Hollywood and they have a casual and relatively private chat. It’s fascinating. Sam sits down with the likes of Will Ferrell, Kristin Bell, Robert Downy Jr, and Mindy Kaling and asks them about their craft.

img_1410 img_1413 img_1415

What I like so much about the show is that Sam asks thoughtful and intelligent questions, but then he always lets the conversation wander where it will. Some interviews are lighthearted and funny while others are quite deep, yet they all have a distinctly vulnerable and personal vibe. I’m almost always inspired, and find myself pausing to write down something someone said about the creative process.

I’ve only seen about ten episodes so far, but I cannot wait to devour the rest of them. I feel a Netflix binge coming on very soon.


Normally for me, Pinterest falls under the category of social media that simply doesn’t interest me. I kept trying to like it, but I finally realized there’s a reason why I don’t- it feels like a museum. It’s just pictures. Millions of pictures. I like to go where the people are. You know, like Cheers!

Give me Facebook. Give me Twitter. Give me Instagram Stories. I pretty much only go to Pinterest when Im looking for a recipe or when I have a big project and need inspiration. THEN Pinterest becomes my best friend.

We happen to be in the middle of a big project over here at the Forever House, and I’ve got to say, Pinterest has me all kinds of excited.

After 10 months of our kids ditching their separate rooms in order to “camp out” together every single night, and begging for bunk beds, we finally caved. We realized that they may never want to share a room again, and we only get one shot at these family years, so why the heck not?

Then one thing led to another, which led to another, and we wound up rearranging half of the house. The current playroom is now becoming the bunk bed room. I say “bunk bed room” because it’s a humongous 3 tiered creation of Husband’s- complete with two reading nooks and a “secret hideout” for the 7 year old, that literally takes up the majority of the room. (Hashtag houseflipperproblems)

So now Jaxon’s bedroom is becoming the new playroom and Bella’s bedroom is becoming my office.

I’ve never had my own official writing space before, so I usually just sit and write at the breakfast nook that overlooks our back field. image

The view from the breakfast table hardly sucks, but I’ll still be able to see the same field from my office and I’m so excited to have my own quiet space, away from normal distractions like dishes and laundry, where I can shut the door and let my creative mind wander. Now I really love you, Pinterest, because you’ve shown me at least 97 different things I “need” in my new space.

So there you have it; those are my Favorite January Things!

At the end of the month I’ll be drawing a name and giving away not one, but two of the CC beanies.

To be sure you’re entered to win, simply enter your email address in the blue lighted bar at the end of this post. If you’ve entered before then you’re still in there!

So what about you? What are you watching? What are you cooking? What are you currently obsessed with? Tell me your things!

21 thoughts on “Let’s Play Oprah! (January Edition)

  1. Maria

    I am loving my bamboo sheets I spontaneously purchased as I was strolling through Costco! I mean seriously one of my best purchases ever! I am obsessed! Is it bad to think about going to bed during the day just to wrap myself in my snuggle sheets! I have seen all these adorable soft baby clothes made out of bamboo and now I have bamboo sheets!

      1. Mary Anne's Alaska

        Totally piggy backing here, but I just ordered LL Bean’s “ultrasoft flannel sheet set” and am so pumped for cozy warmth. But I’m also fully aware I have hit the “mom zone” hardcore by shopping at LL Bean. I have no shame.

        1. ambersalhus@msn.com

          LL Bean- there’s no shame in that game! And you’re the second person to point out good sheets, which has me completely rethinking my sheet prioritization over here. We’ve had the same two sets for like 8 years. I think it’s time to upgrade.

  2. Tammy

    I am loving Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It removes all of your makeup including mascara and doesn’t dry out your skin. I also love Revitalash Advanced eyelash conditioner. I have always struggled with thin eyelashes and I tell you what, this stuff works! I definitely see a huge difference in the fullness of my lashes. “Victoria” just started on PBS so I am hoping this will fill the Downton Abbey vacuum in my life. There has only been one episode, so time will tell.

    1. ambersalhus@msn.com

      I just saw a commercial for “cleansing water” or “hydrating water gel” yesterday and I was so intrigued! I had no idea that was even a thing!

  3. Jess

    I’m loving cold brew. Oh the sweet elixir of life.

    And I’m also loving the my baby is finally sleeping a whopping 4-6 hours at a time! Hallelujah!

    1. ambersalhus@msn.com

      Girl. 4-6 hours changes everything. It’s the pit stop on the way to 7-8 hours. Doing a happy dance for you! (It’s not pretty, but it’s enthusiastic)

  4. Jessica Paulsen

    The cc beanies rock!!! I have two already and they are the bomb. Also as a fellow hope writer, I must say I love that you are just giving something away to people without a ton of “do this, now stand on your head and recite the pledge of allegiance. Seriously, good job doing it that way!

  5. Kara

    I am watching The OA on Netflix – I really like it so far. I’ve already added Off Camera to my list so thanks for that! The product I’m loving is Shea Moisture face lotion for sensitive skin. My last favorite thing is a sweater someone gave me, not new, they just didn’t want it any more and it’s so cozy I hardly take it off.

  6. Ariel Kostrna

    #1 the raccoon slippers I came home with from a Christmas sock party. In winter, socks alone are not enough to keep the feet warm on wood floors.
    #2 Studio Ghibli…. I’m just getting more and more obsessed. Their movies are just too good. And then the soundtracks which I am constantly listening to. Too much beautifulness. ❤
    #3 curry. Curry makes all food amazing.
    Also yes, not sure what I would do without hats. Maybe actually wash my hair every day??? Heaven forbid. And these beanies are adorable!

  7. Beth

    Parenthood on Netflix, because I missed it the first time (because I was busy raising children, which is ironic and true).
    My kids being back at college, because while I love them and miss them, they keep bad hours and I don’t sleep well when they are home because ALL THE NOISE.
    My daily hot chocolate which I vowed to only have on Sundays, because January.

  8. Mary Anne's Alaska

    Piggy backing again since you mentioned hats… I have the opposite problem you say you have: I’ve got a big head and full, curly hair. Hence, most hats DO NOT WORK for me. (Unfortunate for one who lives in Alaska.) But my mother-in-law found a gem by Carhartt: women’s Sylvan knit cap. It is perfect!

  9. Marian Vischer

    Watching The Crown. ?
    Wearing Too Faced Born This Way foundation (a splurgey delight because my face is getting old.)

    Reading Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer (the man ?) and Gilead by Marilyn Robinson.

    Also. I need that beanie!! Adorable.

    1. ambersalhus@msn.com

      The Crown was so good! I felt like it started off slow but then gained momentum and by the end I was all in. Can’t wait for the next season! And I really need to read that book by Parker Palmer (the man?!) because I’ve been writing down quotes from it for a year! It’s time to just read it already!

  10. Ariel Kostrna

    I just bought one of these beanies. Now I see what you mean – it was love at first sight! They are truly beautiful things!

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