Let’s Play Oprah (May Edition)

Once a month here on the blog, we play a fun game called “Let’s Play Oprah” where we share our current top 3 “Favorite Things” with each other and then at the end of the month I give away one of those items to a lucky subscriber.

Because giveaways are fun! And we just so happen to be fun-havers!

Every once in a while I’ll pick a theme for my Favorite Things but this month I didn’t even choose one on purpose- I just looked at my list and realized they all had one thing in common: Coconut.

I prefer clean, light, earthy scents over heavier floral scents any day, and Coconut happens to be one of my favorite scents of all, so I guess it’s no surprise that it appears in so many of my beauty and household products. The smell reminds me of summer vacation and all things beachy, and who doesn’t want to be reminded of that?

Okay, are you ready?

? Lets Play Oprah! ?


  1. The Copper Coconut 3 wick candle by White Barn. 


I have a *bit* of an obsession with candles. I have no problem telling people about my book-buying obsession because it makes me sound quirky and brainy, but I’ll never publicly cop to the number of candles I own. It’s a lot. Enough to be ashamed about. My candle cabinet is in the last place in my house that anyone would look because no one needs to be knowing about my dirty little candle hoarding secret.

The only reason I’m telling you, is because I care about your wallet and you may be surprised to know that Bath & Body carries some of the best candles out there. I’ve spent good money on expensive candles- you know, the kind you can only buy when someone hosts a “party”? They’re nice and all, but I swear by the White Barn brand at Bath & Body. They put 3x the normal amount of scent in all their candles and they smell up my whole house in no time at all.

I also really like them because they carry a lot of fun summer scents. We all love a good Crisp Apple scent in the fall, but by the time May rolls around I can hardly slice actual apples for my kids’ lunch anymore because I am so over it with Crisp Apple.

Some of my favorite summer scents right now are Dream Big (which I HAD to buy because it just so happens to be my word of the year AND has hints of coconut in it ??) Lemon Mint Leaf, Palm Leaves & Mango, Honey & Tangerine, and Fresh Cut Lilacs. All of these are Springy and clean and will leave your home smelling happy happy happy.

That Copper Coconut though…

It’s amazing. I want to melt it down and swim in it.

2. Coconut Snow Deodorant


Trigger Warning: I’m about to go a little bit Granola-Soy-Sunshine-Mom on all of us here.

I know.

Who am I, even?

The lady who makes an exorbitant amount of boxed Mac & Cheese for her kids and refuses to stop using harsh chemical cleaners in her house because she just can’t part with that heady Pine-Sol and Comet concoction? Yup.

Don’t worry, it’s still me here, guys.

I guess we all have our own journey with health and wholeness…I just decided to start mine with armpits. One day I just woke up and was suddenly sketched out about putting aluminum on my skin every day. It can’t be good, right? Plus, the only thing worse than the smell of B.O. is the smell of B.O. layered with a harsh odor that can only be described as potpourri-meets-baby-powder. I can’t deal. It seriously gives me a headache.

So I decided to try a natural deodorant and I’ll be the first to admit I was shocked by how well it works. Now, it’s not an antiperspirant, so sweating does happen, but can we all just calm down and agree that our bodies were actually made to sweat? There’s not much to be done about it, really. Except make sure there’s no smell. I tried Arm & Hammer first, and wasn’t impressed so then I tried Coconut Snow. There are only a few ingredients in this deodorant, and all of them are natural and safe. And guys, it COMPLETELY eliminates all body odor. Like, ALL of it. There is no stink. At all. It’s total magic.

3) Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch 50 SPF Sunscreen:


I’m extremely fair-skinned. Super pale over here??. I mean, we’re talking, like, so pale that my skin is basically translucent. The color of blue iced milk. In fact, I’m so fair that when I was sixteen years old my doctor told me to wear 60 SPF daily and never, ever sunbathe. I scoffed at her then, but now 20 years later, I wish I would have listened.

Because not only am I damned to remain alabaster white every single day of every single summer, I’m also cancer-prone. My mom and sister have both had Melanoma, so now I too, must drag myself to the dermatologist twice yearly to get sliced and diced. Every time I go in they find a new mole that needs removing, and every time it comes back “irregular”. Thankfully I haven’t had full-scale melanoma yet, but now I take my skin care regimen very seriously in the summer.

I wear sunscreen on my face, neck, and arms every day. Since this is a big part of my morning routine for more than half the calendar year, I’ve tried most of the sunscreens out there. Hawaiian Tropic is by far my favorite because it goes on light, soaks in quickly, and it smells like vacation. It has a light, clean, coconut-y scent that makes me feel like I’m lying on a beach somewhere, even if my rude skin says I can’t.  It can be difficult to find with SPF as high as 50, so I always stock up on it when I do.

Since summer is just around the corner and since I believe everyone should wear sunscreen daily, I decided to give away a bottle of this liquid gold to a lucky subscriber this month!

Actually, I wasn’t going to tell you this until later, but I’m actually giving away ALL THREE of my Favorite Things this month! And I’m even throwing in a surprise bonus item that I haven’t told you about yet. (Because if you haven’t noticed I like to drag fun things out.) (It’s why my husband now refers to November as my BirthMONTH instead of my BirthDAY.)

SO, how exactly do you enter to win all this coconutty goodness, you’re wondering? You type your email address in the blue lighted bar below this post or use the opt-in on the sidebar (or at the bottom of the page if you’re on a cell phone).

That’s it.

No gimmicks. No tagging 5 friends and following me down a rabbit hole. Just sign up with your email and you’re entered to win now and forevermore. Unless you unsubscribe. Then I have to take your name out, because RULES.

I’d love to hear YOUR Favorite Things this month! What are you watching, listening to, eating, drinking, wearing, reading? Tell me your things!*

P.S. Join me tomorrow ?? over on FB live ?? at 9am (PST) where I’ll show you all the goodies IRL and tell you how you can get entered multiple times to win.

*this post was sent from my computer and my heart*

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