Motherhood is Not Your Only Thing

So there’s something I’ve been dying to share with you, and now I finally can!


Time out.

I just now realized that was a very leading headline, what with all the Book Dream talk we’ve had around here this year. So before we go any further, NO, I don’t have a book contract (*Yet*, she whispered hopefully to herself). My agent and I are working on the finishing touches of my proposal and I hope to ship it out to publishers soon.

But in other news, I’ve dying to tell you about this podcast, and now I finally can because it released on iTunes!

I was recently invited to be on the Mom Wants More podcast to chat with my friend, Alana Dawson.

I met Alana a year and a half ago at the very first Hope*Writers Workshop. I’d traveled all the way across the country to invest in my burgeoning dream of calling myself a real writer. I only knew a couple people there, and at the end of a very long, very extrovert-y day, I found myself by the campfire out at The Nester’s famous White Barn feeling more than a little bit…exhausted.

It was the exhilarating kind of exhaustion- you know, like a kid who’s ready to pass out after a long day at Disneyland- THRILLED to be there, but also ready to collapse from all the excitement. I remember standing by the campfire, thisclose to fully malfunctioning, thinking to myself “That’s it. I’m officially peopled out. No more talky.”

But then Alana and I started chatting and it was like something inside me exhaled. Have you ever just immediately known in your knower that you’ve found a kindred spirit? When conversation with them is just easy and it fills you up instead of drains you? Talking to Alana is like that.

We have a lot in common- we’re both Enneagram 4’s,  we’re both hope*writers, we’ve both moved about a million times, but the biggest thing we have in common is that we share a similar message.

We’re both passionate about encouraging women, moms especially, to uncover the art of their RIGHT-NOW lives. To pursue their passions, to participate in the bigger story that God is writing for them, to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, and to do so boldly and with an unflagging joy, knowing that they already have all the ability and permission they need. 

So when she asked me to be a guest on her podcast I didn’t need to think about it for a second.

I was in.

I LOVE doing podcasts, because (as you’ve probably picked up on by now) I love to talk.

But I especially love to talk about moms going after their talents and dreams in the middle of their right-now, actual lives.

Our episode is available now (it’s about 30 min long).

You can click the photo or THIS LINK  to listen!

I really hope you do, because this conversation? This message?

It is the whole heartbeat of why I write to you.

It’s the whole reason I want to write this ding-a-ling book.

It’s the whole point of agreeing to public speaking even though it gives me sweaty armpits and a nervous stomach for an entire month.

It’s my whole motivator for doing new and hard things instead of curling up on the couch and watching Netflix all day while my kids are at school.

Because this message won’t leave me alone.

It keeps tapping me on the shoulder and pushing me out of my comfort zone and compelling me to share it with you.

I hope you listen in! It was so much fun recording. Alana and I have some fun plans in the works to chat again soon. In the meantime, go show her podcast some love!

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