The Barefoot Sessions

Last week my friend, Melissa Blair, invited me up onto her blog porch and I am not lying when I tell you it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

For the latest installment of her “Barefoot Sessions” Mel asked me all kinds of personal questions and I gave her all kinds of honest and unfiltered answers, which is how most of our interactions go, really.

We met on the Internet (as one does nowadays), which led to Voxing each other (or is it Voxering?), then we met in real life at the Hope*Writers Conference in North Carolina and over the course of the weekend we bonded as we shared our inner monologues, snacks, and a rented car.

I knew I liked her from the start, but there is always one defining moment in a new friendship. The one where your fate becomes sealed and you know in your knower that this is one of your people.

For me, that moment came on the second day of the conference, as we pulled into the parking lot right next to one of the keynote speakers, Emily Freeman, as she was innocently exiting her car.

We parked, and while I was searching the cup holder for the ridiculous, fancy key FOB (why don’t they just go in the ignition anymore? it makes no sense) Mel reached over and honked loud and long at a startled Emily, quickly pulling her arm back so it would look like I did it.

We both started laughing hysterically and I knew she’d be a friend for life.

Because obviously we are two extremely mature adults who naturally gravitated towards each other.

But really, it’s because she just so happens to be a fun-haver and I, much like a 5th grade boy, just so happen to regard teasing as the highest form of affection.

ANYWAY. I’m over on her blog this week and things are getting real personal.

It’s a quick, interview-style read, so click the link below and come join the fun!

The Barefoot Sessions With Amber Salhus 


P.S. If you happen to live in Arkansas, please drive by Mel’s house and honk loudly. She’ll love it. Promise.

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