The Most Embarrassing Part of September

I can’t believe I’m showing you this picture…

But I’ve always said I don’t mind being the butt of a joke, as long as it’s a good joke.

And, well, this obviously was. I’ll give him that.

A few weeks ago I actually got Nate to come along and help me with some back to school shopping for the kids.

I set him loose in the mall for ONE hour and he came back to me wearing this👇🏼:

I’ll just give you a moment to really take in this horrible photo of me… sleeping, slack-jawed and frowning.

It’s just so great, isn’t it?

Isn’t that just so nice?

The thing is, he’s been collecting photos of me like this FOR YEARS. He has a whole arsenal of them actually, because every time we’re in the car for more than 20 minutes my face just automatically does that. It’s been a long running joke in our home because he’s been snapping photos of me ugly-sleeping and promising that “one day” he’s actually going to use them for something.

So when he came walking up to me in the mall wearing THAT ☝🏼SHIRT, it only took my brain about 20 seconds to register what he’d done.

I laughed so suddenly and so loudly that everyone within a 30 foot radius could hear, causing them to look at us… and then look at his shirt… and then look back at me… and then laugh too.

And that is the story of how I became the laughingstock of a Portland mall.

It’s fine.


I honestly think it’s hilarious and I’m glad because it’s given me just enough incentive to come up with my own prank to get him back. So if any of you have suggestions for how to do that, please do share! I’m all ears, because what is a marriage without a little hijinks?

Unfortunately, the hijinks in our marriage are a little imbalanced (read: he always gets me and I rarely get him back) because I’m just not the most mischievous one in our union. His brain is always thinking of ways to prank me and I”m just over here like “let me love you!”

It’s fine though because I’m the funnier one so it all evens out.

As Melanie Shankle would say, “I have other gifts.”

I did get him once with a prank that was SO GOOD that it made up for all the other times he’d ever pranked me. It was my masterpiece.

You can read the story HERE if you want, because of course I wrote about it.

Other than the infamous T-shirt debacle, September flew by without incident. The kids are back in school, I’m getting back into my groove with writing and editing my book proposal, and we’re finally settling into a good Fall rhythm.

I’d love to hear what’s working (or not working) for you as you find your own Fall routine.

What are you saying no to? What are you saying yes to? Leave a comment and tell me your things!

Oh, and seriously, if you have any good prank ideas, hit me up. (Nate if you’re reading this then just kidding! I’d never prank you, babe. EXCEPT YES I WOULD BECAUSE YOU HAVE IT COMING so you should probably live in fear now.)

Before I go, I wanted to tell you about something fun happening over on Instagram!  I’m joining up with Myquillyn Smith, who you probably know as The Nester, in a fun, 31 day photo challenge.

We’re going to document one small space in our home each day and share it, using the hashtag #mycozyfallhome. I was a little intimidated to participate because *full disclosure* my  house is not “decorated” for Autumn, but then I saw the themes for each day and loved how un-fussy (or not fussy?🤷🏽‍♀️) the prompts are.

Plus, it just looked too fun! I mean, black and white gets it’s own day? Where do I sign?!

I won’t be faking like I have a fancy home, I’ll be keeping it real and finding the beauty in my actual, lived-in home because as Myquillyn says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

Head over to IG and join in on the fun if you’re interested in following along or joining in!

Here’s to (hopefully) sleeping pretty in October…




One thought on “The Most Embarrassing Part of September

  1. Jamie

    Is he a neat freak or slightly ocd? A bucket of sand dumped in his driver seat might be a good one but I dunno….!!???

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