Let’s Play Oprah- April Edition

Welcome to Let’s Play Oprah, a fun little game we play on the blog here each month in which I dish on my top 3 Favorite Things at the moment, invite you to share YOUR Favorite Things (by leaving a comment on this post, replying to my email, or by using the hashtag #letsplayoprah on social media) and then at the end of the month I give one of those things away!

Maybe to you!

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I do this mostly as a way to say Thank You to all you awesome readers who’ve invited me in to your email inbox, but also because it’s fun!

And we ware fun-havers!

So, without further ado, are y’all ready?

Let’s Play Oprahhhh!

(Btw, that’s always meant to be read in a very ecstatic singsongy voice. But I’m sure you knew that.)

This month my top 3 Favorite Things are:


1.This Cool & Comfy Sports Bra by Victoria’s Secret

I have been searching and searching for a good sports bra that can handle a large chest and a vigorous workout without smashing, chaffing, or digging into your flesh, WHILE offering actual support. I’ve tried so many different kinds of bras for working out, but this style is my new favorite. I’ve purchased it in every color, because if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that the minute I decide to love something, it will likely be discontinued immediately.

It feels super comfy and secure, it doesn’t dig into my shoulders or my ribs, and it holds my boobs in place without making them disappear into one giant, mushy spare tire around my chest. You know what I mean? It lifts, it molds, it supports, and it feels good. That’s really all I require of a bra. And it has just enough padding to assist both large and small chests.

(Like how I just said “assist” as if it was the final play of an NBA game?)

2.Headspace App

I recently (and skeptically) began practicing meditation and I never thought I’d say this, but I cannot believe how much I already love it. I always thought of meditating as woo-woo and maybe even weird, but that’s only because I never really understood what it’s about.

To me, meditating isn’t about escaping or tuning out, it’s about being present and tuning in. 

It’s simply practicing mindfulness and stillness by intentionally paying attention to something- like your breath, or the sounds around you, or anything else you decide to focus on.

Because my mind is always busy and often anxious, I didn’t feel equipped to start cold turkey on my own, so I decided to start with some guided meditations through the headspace app on my phone. You can choose 3, 5, 10, or 15 minute sessions, and a very lovely gentleman with a British accent and a soothing voice will walk you through some breathing exercises.

That’s it! That’s meditation!

It’s all very simple, straightforward, and quite natural.

I started with the 3 minute breathing exercises and have now bumped up to the 10 minute version. I start most of my days this way now, by doing it before I even get out of bed, and I feel like it’s a practice that has bled over onto the rest of my life in the best way.

Now when I’m feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, happy, sad, or even just uncomfortable (either physically or emotionally), I often find myself stopping to breathe slowly in and out, making a point to notice my thoughts and feelings, which somehow automatically makes me feel better, even if it’s only 2%.

I’m telling you, there’s something to it, guys. I’m still fairly new to it, but I cannot say enough about what a useful tool it’s become in my life.

Headspace offers specific meditations for anxiety, creative work, illness, sleep, and others, along with basic meditations, which is where I’d start if you’re new to it like I was.

3. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield:

I re-read this book at least twice a year and it never stops speaking to my soul. It’s just SO GOOD.

If you’re facing a creative project, a big goal, or if you’re just a human person trying to navigate your day and live bravely, this book is for you.

As someone who’s only recently identified my creative work and began to get after it, I’ve become quite familiar with gruesome this inner battle, this war of making art.

And really, we all have, in one way or another.

Because whether you identify as the creative type or not, the truth is that “the creative process” is your actual life, so we’re all living and making art whether we believe it or not.

Part of what I love about Steven’s writing is that he tells it like it is. The struggle is real and he doesn’t dance around that, but he doesn’t let you wallow in it either. He pulls you up, dusts you off, reminds you who your real enemy is (Resistance), and teaches you how to overcome it. He’s like the guy who has your back in the corner of the boxing ring- there when you need him to offer water, salve, and a push back out there.

Since I love this book so much and believe that every human would do good to read it, I’m giving away a copy to a lucky subscriber at the end of the month!


Make sure you’re entered to win, and don’t forget to reply and share your own Favorite Things this month!

*this post was sent from my computer and my heart*

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Oprah- April Edition

  1. Carol

    I’ve been hearing “The War of Art” recommended in a writing group. Sounds like I need to add it to my list. Unless i win it. 😁 then it goes on my stack. Great giveaway.

  2. Kathy Schwanke

    1. Hard boiled eggs. Because I’m trying to slim.
    2. Sunshine. Because winter is stubborn in MN.
    3. The Holy Spirit. Because I am a dry & weary land without Him. (& am writing a study about Him)

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